A BAND of mothers are concerned that a refurbished play area is not suitable for their children.

The play area in Redhill Park, Bournemouth, recently had a £75,000 refurbishment but a number of parents are unhappy with the re-fit.

Mother of two and part time primary school teacher Nicki Corben said: "The planners just did not listen to our concerns in the consultation, and they have taken away popular play equipment and replaced it with things the children can't really use."

She said she used to use the park everyday with her children Ellie, three, and George, two, but now she hardly ever goes to the park because she says the play equipment is not suitable for the children.

She is also worried that the wood chip under one of the climbing frames has given her son a splinter.

She said: "If there is broken glass in the playground on a solid surface it is easy to see and you can get rid of it, but with these chips you can't see what is there."

Another mother Rachael Irvine, 33, of Minstead Road, has a four-year-old daughter, Molly, and a baby.

She said: "There are not many benches which makes it difficult for breastfeeding mothers. Sometimes mothers have to sit on the floor.

"There seems to be equipment for toddlers and things for older children but nothing in between."

Head of leisure services for Bournemouth Borough Council Roger Brown said: "We are concerned to hear of the feedback about the new Redhill play park from local residents and visitors.

"We hope to meet with the ward councillors shortly to discuss extra funding that is available to further enhance the facilities at the park and find the best way forward."