A GROUP of more than 15 traveller caravans, motorhomes and associated vehicles have moved onto a Bournemouth town centre car park.

The travellers moved onto Glen Fern Car Park earlier this afternoon.

Other car park users have called for Bournemouth Council to act, as the unauthorised encampment has taken the entire site over.

One nearby resident told the Echo: "People have been driving up here to pay to park, then quickly turning around.

"People use this car park to go onto Old Christchurch Road, so traders will be losing out."

Andy McDonald, head of parks operations at Bournemouth Borough Council, said: "Bournemouth Borough Council are aware of a large unauthorised encampment currently at Glen Fern Car Park and are undertaking legal proceedings.

"It is normal practice of Bournemouth Borough Council to ticket vehicles who are illegally parked."

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