PEOPLE are being advised not to swim in part of Poole Harbour after a sewage pipe burst.

The Environment Agency, working with Wessex Water and Borough of Poole, is working to stop pollution from the burst pipe at Poole Harbour.

The EA said: "Wessex Water is taking steps to stop the discharge and our officers are investigating the impact on the environment.

"Wessex Water is storing sewage until repairs can be made and the local authority has secured a tidal flap to prevent pollution from entering the harbour.

"During this time, bathing water quality in the vicinity could be affected. As a precaution so we advise bathers not to swim until we have the results of our samples and to monitor"

A Wessex Water spokesperson said: “We are working on repairing some damage to our rising sewer main near the A350 Holes Bay Road in Poole and have contained the area to prevent any waste from spilling into Holes Bay.

“An investigation is underway to assess the cause of the damage and our teams will be working around the clock to resolve this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Simon Legg, Duty Silver, Borough of Poole, said: “Our local environment is very precious and we are working closely with the Environment Agency and Wessex Water to stop contamination entering Holes Bay and Poole Harbour.

"An investigation into the cause is underway to understand how this came about.”