POLICE have been patrolling a number of areas across Poole in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Officers from Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team have been on patrol in Adastral Square, Culliford Crescent, Sterte, Rossmore, Branksome Rec, Turlin Moor, Broadstone, Dale Valley, and Poole Bus Station.

It follows reports of anti-social behaviour by youths this summer.

Canford Heath residents have been complaining about the “absolutely awful” behaviour of gangs of young people over the last few weeks, especially in Adastral Square.

Commenting on Poole NPT’s Facebook page, one resident said she had been “nervous” to visit local shops due to a large group of youths loitering outside.

Another person said Adastral Square was becoming “a huge problem”, with reports of thefts and youths “shouting at and intimidating old people”.

And a Rossmore resident said cars had been vandalised in the area recently.

Poole NPT say they are “making some headway” in dealing with anti-social behaviour through the use of warning letters, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, dispersal notices, community protection warnings, and closure orders. Some people have received out of court disposals (e.g. cautions) or been summoned to court.

“We are working hard with our partner agencies to deal with problem people (young and older) involved in anti-social behaviour that affects your local communities,” the team said.

“We rely on information from our communities to help us deal with anti-social behaviour and extend our thanks to those of you that have assisted and for your ongoing information and patience.”

Police in Bournemouth have been carrying out similar anti-social patrols as part of Operation Fireglow.

Officers have been out on patrol in areas of the town centre this summer, such as the seafront and Lower Gardens.

It follows a spate of anti-social behaviour last year, which saw incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism reported on an almost daily basis in the Lower Gardens.

As part of Operation Fireglow, anyone found in possession of alcohol will be searched and the drink seized.