A COST of £4,000 to install a "cycle linking measure" so cyclists do not have to bump down the kerb or to get off their bikes to go through bollards.

How many more £4,000s are going to be spent on these? Whilst our hospital could do with all the finance they can get to treat and care for us. Yes, I know it is a different department.

Apart from that on some one way streets, cycle lanes have been installed with the arrow going down the wrong way towards the traffic.

So now I have seen cyclists going down the cycle lanes on Castle Lane at the bottom of East Way going in the opposite direction to the arrows against the traffic.

What are you teaching our youngsters to do whilst cycling on the roads and at a later age driving a car?

When you travel along Castle Lane West and turn into Mill Road, you have to watch in your mirror for cyclists coming along plus now watching for cyclists travelling in the wrong direction.

Thankfully, most of the schoolchildren seem to understand that they must travel with the traffic on these cycle lanes, but adults seem to please themselves.

Perhaps £4,000 could be put towards the renovation of the toilets at Bournemouth Pier? I hope they have a preservation order on them as they are part of the pier, but surely during the autumn months they can be updated a bit as they are used by many of our tourists.

It appears priority by Bournemouth council seems to have gone out of the window.


Tytherley Green, Bournemouth