These stunning images by a Bournemouth wildlife artist are being used to support the war on plastics.

Award-winning Jonathan Truss supports the conservation of many endangered species through his work, raising thousands of pounds for wildlife causes. His latest exhibition, at the Westover Gallery on Westover Road, Bournemouth, is no exception, with a percentage of proceeds to be donated to The Marine Conversation Society’s Sea of Change initiative, raising awareness against single-use plastics.

Jonathan’s devotion to precision and detail are inspired by a genuine affection for the animals he portrays, with his never-ending journey to find new ideas and capture wildlife in its most honest form taking place in the most incredible natural locations around the globe.

He has spent time camping under canvas in the game parks of Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia and conducts art safaris, where he carefully observes and records his subjects, also supporting the conservation of many endangered species, raising thousands of pounds for wildlife causes.

“Had I lived thousands of years ago it would have been me painting all the animals I saw on cave walls,” says Jonathan, who creates his masterpieces from a workshop at his Queens Park home.

“Nothing seems more natural or enjoyable to me than painting wildlife. Nature has already painted its masterpiece – it’s all the inspiration I need.”

Having been a musician – he taught himself guitar and has played “about 1,500 gigs” – as well as having a cabaret act as an impersonator, something he discovered a talent for at school, Jonathan discovered painting 25 years ago and admits he hasn’t looked back since.

He is now known around the world for his magnificent wildlife paintings and drawings and has won an impressive array of accolades for his artwork, being named BBC’s Wildlife Artist of the Year in the Frozen Planet category twice in the last five years. The highly competitive award is recognised around the world for its status, confirming the prestigious reputation of Jonathan as a wildlife artist.

He has made more than 100 television appearances and been featured in many national and international magazines. He is also a member of the prestigious American organisation The Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation, and his paintings have been sold through major auction houses, including Christies and Sotheby’s A personal highlight of Jonathan’s includes illustrating two books with renowned wildlife writer Brian Jackman, whose book on the Marsh lions with zoologist, wildlife photographer and television presenter Jonathan Scott first inspired him to pick up a paintbrush.

“They inspired me to go to the Masai Mara in Zambia with their images,” he remembers. “I’ve now been to this place with Jonathan Scott. What an amazing thing to be inspired by a person and to become mates through your love of animals. Brian Jackman contacted me and asked if I would be interested in illustrating his book. I really had come full circle then.”

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