A YOUNG entrepreneur has launched a mobile app which aims to help people to put down the phone and take part in activities.

Live4ItLocations is intended as a guide to sports, activities, events and volunteering opportunities near the user’s location.

It was devised by 25-year-old Matt Freeman, who had the idea while travelling extensively as part of the crew on superyachts.

“When I was travelling around from port to port, whenever we had time off, I always found it hard to find activities, sports and events easily,” he said.

“I put my idea down with pen and paper. I realised there wasn’t really a similar concept out there on the market.”

Mr Freeman grew up in the Christchurch area and went to Highcliffe School, but says he had a “troubled” childhood.

He was hired by a yacht company in Lymington and learned a trade there, and he spent the money he received on his 19th birthday to buy a one-way ticket to Palma, Majorca.

“I managed to find work the day before I was planning to come home. I worked on crewing a 75ft Baia yacht,” he said.

He worked on a series of superyachts in the Mediterranean, Australia, the US and the Caribbean, meeting the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce and Paris Hilton.

He developed his idea for Live4ItLocations as his travelling drew to an end and he prepared to return his family’s home in Ringwood.

After planning the way he wanted the app to work, he outsourced its development.

The app – available for Apple and Android devices – carries details of locations, events and activities, as well as allowing for reviews. Ninety-five per cent of the listings so far are in Dorset and the surrounding area.

Mr Freeman has partnered with Charlie Weaver of BizDev South Ltd to exploit the app commercially and sell listings.

“The idea was to get to people on their phones but have them put their phone away and be social through sports and events and interact again,” said Mr Freeman.

“I think it’s a good way for people to get social through sports,” he added.

“I’ve invested my life savings into this plan,” he said.

“I’m so passionate about what we’ve created and I know it will be successful.”