LEE Byre, which nestles on the edge of the outstanding Dartmoor National Park, feels like a place the term ‘hidden gem’ was invented for.

Clearly run as a labour of love, this award-winning bed and breakfast is an absolute delight - a perfect base for exploring, arguably, some of the most stunning moorland and tors the UK has to offer.

Three bedrooms are offered at the renovated farm, which is situated in relative isolation, miles from the nearest town.

Indeed, herein lies the essence of Lee Byre's charm. Even during our short two-day stay, its rustic position helped stresses and strains of everyday life slip away.

What you will quickly notice is the attention to detail.

Run by husband and wife team Guy and Kathrin Barnes, they take no short cuts - which is probably why it is a standout destination on Trip Advisor.

Some 99 per cent of all reviewers note the guest house as 'excellent', with the remaining one per cent settling for 'very good'... well, you can't have everything.

All the food is sourced locally, and Guy is more than happy to tell you where from. He even lent me a cold box to pop to one supplier, so we could pick up some more of the amazing cheeses and bacon that we sampled.

The converted barn we stayed in was massive, with all the mod cons. I especially liked the homemade air freshener, alongside all the quality bathroom products. Like I said, it is all about the details; no nasty little bars of soap or instantly forgettable sachets here.

The buildings are a collection of converted barns and animal stalls, as for 300 years Lee Byre was used as a livestock and dairy farm.

It was restored by John Barnes, who still lives onsite, over a seven year period.

Nina, Lee Byre's chef, compliments her local meals with foraged foods from the woods and hedgerows.

If you want to accompany her on one of her daily forages, you will be happily accommodated.

As they say themselves, "great food is at the heart of Lee Byre. It is how we start the morning and it brings us together at the end of a day's walking or whatever adventure we've had that day."

But the adventure is in no way confined to the daylight hours, quite the contrary.

One of Guy's latest ventures to be offered to guests is a guided nighttime walk of Dartmoor.

We donned head torches and headed out on the moor - a quick drive by 4x4.

Guy clearly knows his stuff, and his enthusiasm for the surrounding countryside is infectious.

Under the moonlight we followed a bubbling river, pausing to look at ruins of old moorland cottages before stopping on a huge rock overlooking a hidden spot used by locals for swimming. At this point he broke out a flask of tea and homemade biscuits. They were the best damn biscuits I've ever tasted.

All the while the night sky opened above us, showing an array of stars unobservable in towns and cities.

Lee Byre and Dartmoor is, without doubt, a very special place.

Visit leebyre.com for full details.