IN response to recent letters regarding travellers and Branksome Recreation Ground, the last traveller encampment was in 2013 and lasted for two weeks. The act of entering the rec was unlawful as the travellers used cutting equipment to make a hole in the metal fencing that surrounded the rec’s car park. Subsequently, many of the local residents who use the rec, on a daily basis, reported that that they had been intimidated and some had even been threatened with knives. It later transpired that the rec had been used for the racing of cars at night and that this had caused damage to the surface of the recreation ground.

The council, subsequently, installed earth bunds around the car park to help prevent further problems of this kind. If the travellers had been law abiding and made a real effort to get along with local residents, I think they would have more supporters within the local community.

It is the responsibility of Poole council to find suitable sites to house travellers. To date, the council has not been able to do this.

This type of problem will persist until the council actually gets on with solving the problem. The recent encampments at Baiter have been a consequence of this.

ANDREW BORRILL, chair, Branksome West Residents Association/Friends of Branksome Rec