THE conclusion of a long-running campaign to renovate an historic Ringwood landmark has been celebrated.

An official unveiling event was held in the town for the newly installed Friday's Cross clock after a resident-led mission to bring it back into working order.

Chris Wood has dedicated a year and half of his time to ensuring the project was delivered.

After raising several thousands of pounds and overcoming battles with a conservation officer, the work to fit the new clock face and electrify the timepiece obtained planning permission in October last year.

Since then Kent-based firm Grayson Clocks have worked on producing the new clock face and it was recently put in place.

The new Friday's Cross clock was unveiled by Mr Wood and town mayor Tony Ring.

"I'm pleased we got it down for the town. I am absolutely over the moon with it," Mr wood said.

"There were many times I thought it wasn't quite going to happen. It took a year and a half fighting bureaucracy.

"It looks better than I expected and the guys that did the work are fantastic. If you ask anyone here common sense has prevailed in this instance.

"Other things need doing in the town and I will support them as well."

Cllr Ring added: "Very simply it is a long-established Ringwood landmark. It is a triumph for the perseverance of Chris Wood, with a bit of assistance from town councillors to get it there.

"It is a triumph for sense over bureaucracy because the preservation people would have seen it not working for the sake of having an order on it. Now it is there and everyone is happy about it."

"With one or two new shop tenants it is starting to look a bit healthier in this part of town."

The project to restore the Friday's Cross clock was supported by Ringwood Society, a group which works to preserve the town's character and history.

Members of Ringwood Society presented Mr Wood with a certificate of merit for his commitment to the project.

Chairman Jeffrey Wickens said: "The Ringwood Society is here to protect and promote the conservation of the area and we're always on the look out for improvements and enhancements. This was an example of the sort of thing we want to see. "I know Chris has had a lot of problems along the way so we are really grateful to him for persevering with it.

"It has been deteriorating for some time and we have been pushing to get the enhancements done. There have been odd issues but the perseverance has paid off."