PLANS for a waterfront Poole pub to be able to play music until 1am every day are to be considered by a council committee next week.

The application has drawn an objection from residents living nearby who said that it was “totally inappropriate”.

Their concerns mean that the application must be considered by Poole council’s licensing sub-committee next week.

Submitted earlier this year, the application to amend the licence for the pub, which is owned by Hall and Woodhouse, seeks permission for it to be able to play live and recorded music until 1am every day – one hour later than is currently allowed.

However, residents have raised concern about the impact of the extended hours for music

A letter written by Gwyneth Scott and Paul Smith, who live in Dolphin Quays, says: “There are numerous residential properties in close proximity to this establishment.

“Music from the Lord Nelson is often clearly audible in our flat which is proximate to the establishment.

“It is totally inappropriate that the hours for this should be extended.”

They also recommend if the application was approved several conditions – including no outside performances and no open doors or windows – be imposed.

Responding to the concerns in a bid to have the objection withdrawn “so that the application can be granted without the need for, and expense of, a formal meeting, solicitor Philip Day said: “As far as we are aware there have been no complaints in the past about noise nuisance from the Lord Nelson, even when music has been provided beyond midnight.

“It is also the case that none of the responsible authorities, including in particular both the police and environmental health officers, have raised any objection to this application.”

A decision will be made by Poole council’s licensing sub-committee at its meeting on Wednesday (July 11).