THE Dorset-based iced coffee producer which is on course to sell 4.5million drinks this year has had a relaunch.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was devised by Jim and Suzie Cregan at the coffee shop she ran in Christchurch.

It is now sold in more than 4,000 stores nationwide, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

The business has now relaunched its products with new packaging and reduced sugar content.

Added sugar in Jimmy’s Original has been reduced by 35 per cent, while the fat-free Skinny drink has had a 33 per cent reduction.

The relaunch comes with new packaging intended to reflect the business’s personality and values.

Co-founder Jimmy Cregan said: “As a brand we’ve taken a step back and really thought what we want to be saying about each of our products and how to make that resonate in the mind of coffee drinkers.

“The new designs also give us the freedom to alter packaging seasonally and the scope to collaborate with other brands and illustrators, which is something we’re totally psyched about.”

The Jimmy’s Original flavour now comes in packaging showing fun-loving characters enjoying the sea. Jimmy’s says the design reflects the “easy-going beach life the brand personifies”.

Mr Cregan said: “Those who really know us may even recognise a few familiar faces, and for others we just wanted to create that escapism and fun-loving lifestyle in a carton.”

The Skinny drink’s packaging has red and white stripes intended to echo retro swimming costumes, but the back now informs drinkers it contains no fat and fewer than 100 calories. The Mocha packaging shows squares and white milk, while the Dairy-Free Oat option bears mint green and bold graphics.

All the packs now carry the Rainforest Alliance certification along with a map highlighting the Colombian Huila coffee region where the beans come from. The coffee is single source, intended to assure quality and the wellbeing of the communities producing it.