A country park has put a ban on disposable barbecues as the weather gets hotter and land gets drier.

Moors Valley Country Park say the ban will be in place from July 1 as part of their campaign to reduce environmental damage.

It comes as a Heat Health Watch level two warning remains in force until Thursday.

Visitors to the park will still be able to use barbecues, but only portable, re-usable ones.

Forestry Commission recreation manager, Tracey Churcher, said: “Right now our woods and countryside are very dry, and we’re concerned about the anticipated increase in fires that could result at this time.

"With warmer weather likely over the coming days, it is important that people are aware of the dangers of using disposable barbecues.

"Summer fires can cause serious harm to wildlife and destroy plants and trees. Moors Valley is a beautiful place and we would like people to think about the impact their visit has, and take steps to keep it safe."

Over the past few years, grass has been burnt, picnic tables damaged and coals and ash dumped in the river.

Rangers at the park are hoping the ban will reduce anti-social and safety issues but also encourage visitors to reduce the amount of waste they produce which goes to landfill.

Moors Valley Team Leader Clare Gronow said: "We hope that banning disposable barbecues will help further reduce waste going to landfill and protect our delicate river system whilst still allowing visitors to barbecue responsibly."