I AM disgusted that Christchurch MP Christopher Chope has seen fit to block upskirting from forming part of the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill. He claims this is because it has not received sufficient scrutiny, but this cannot possibly be true.

Mr Chope has not objected in the slightest to the EU Withdrawal Bill being given insufficient scrutiny – a bill which has huge constitutional impact and contains provisions that severely restrict or even eliminate parliamentary scrutiny through the excessive and inappropriate application of 'Henry VIII' clauses. Ironically, the government is trying to rush this bill through parliament without proper scrutiny.

Upskirting is taking photographs of women's genitals up their skirts without their knowledge or their consent. Perverts then share the images amongst themselves or publicly on social media. It is distressing and degrading. Mr Chope's action will be seen to be condoning such assaults. He has given licence to dirty old men everywhere. Can such a man really be worthy of being one of our local MPs, let alone a knighthood?

KIM PARKER, Coy Pond Road, Poole