A POACHER who live-streamed footage of himself committing offences has been made the subject of a criminal behaviour order.

Shane Chapman, of Bingham Road in Verwood, first appeared before magistrates in Poole in April alongside Maurice Cooper and Peter John Nurdin to admit daytime poaching - a crime under the Game Act 1831.

During the sentencing hearing, it was heard that a live video had been posted on Facebook on the afternoon of Friday, November 24 2017. The footage showed the men driving around a field near Sixpenny Handley.

Chapman and Nurdin, 48 and of Corner Close in Marnhull, could be seen on the video attacking pheasants with hand catapults, while Chapman's father Cooper, 45 and of Addison Close in Gillingham, filmed them on his phone.

Dead birds could be seen in a cardboard box on the rear seat and floor of the vehicle.

In the video, Chapman was seen firing several shots from his open driver’s window, and at one point jumped on a pheasant as it tried to escape.

The three men were sentenced to fines.

However, Chapman was called back before magistrates on June 11, where a two-year criminal behaviour order was made.

Under the order, he is prohibited from acting or inciting others to behave in an anti-social manner which causes harassment, alarm or distress to any other person in Dorset.

He is also barred from being on any private land without the prior written permission of the owner, and from possessing a catapult in any place other than a private house. Magistrates say he is allowed to attend 'organised catapult events outside Dorset', but only with the written confirmation of organisers.