IT’S billed as his “greatest hits” tour, so many of his fans may recognise parts of Derren Brown’s latest stage show.

Some of the “tricks” had a vague air of familiarity about them, albeit presented in a new format – but it really doesn’t seem to matter.

Brown’s appeal is so much about his delivery and his engaging way of talking to an audience, that the presentation is almost as entertaining as the illusion itself.

As you would expect, there are plenty of opportunities for audience interaction, as well as some self-deprecating humour, and insights into the master of mind-control’s own upbringing and character.

The show, which is on tour following a stint in the West End, and takes in three nights at Bournemouth’s Pavilion theatre, brings together some of his favourite work.

It promises to “amaze, astonish and enthral” audiences – and delivers on all counts. There were gasps, goosebumps and murmurs of “how did he do that?” from the packed theatre throughout the evening.

Part of what I love about Derren Brown’s shows is that he does, in fact, go part-way to explaining much of his work – the power of suggestion, the subconscious body language signals we give off when trying to conceal a secret.

The grand finale is so impressive that, of course, you are left half wondering if the audience is full of plants, who are all in on the act.

But whether they are or not, the result is still hugely entertaining. Mind, blown.