REVISED plans for a £200m scheme that will see three hotels redeveloped at Sandbanks have been lodged with the Borough of Poole.

Thousands of people objected to the scheme last year, in particular the element of the project involving the Haven Hotel.

Under the proposals, lodged by businessman Richard Carr on behalf of the owner of all three properties, FJB Hotels' John Butterworth, the Haven Hotel will become an apartment complex, the Sandbanks Hotel redeveloped as a new 185-bedroomed hotel, and the Harbour Heights becomes a 38-apartment hotel and spa.

The Protect Sandbanks Group, which organised opposition to the plans last year, has not yet seen the revised drawings, as they are currently not in the public domain.

However, a main concern last year was the possibility of a ten-storey building in a residential complex, of up to 260 properties, at the Haven Hotel site, at the gateway to Poole Harbour.

Mr Carr said the revised plans include drawings for just a six-storey building on the Haven site, which is no taller than the current hotel.

He added: "There were a substantial number or reservations about certain aspects of the proposed plans.

"We have worked tirelessly with the local authority to revise and look at all of the objections and have been very pragmatic in our approach to appeasing those objections where we have been able to do so.

"Council officers have also worked very hard with us. The drawings have been amended according to their wishes where we have been able to do so.

"New drawings have all gone in, all of the consultants reports have been amended.

"Hopefully what will be the final scheme for the three hotels is now with them (BOP)."

Last year BOP received more than 2,300 objections to the scheme as it stood then.

Poole MP Robert Syms and a number of environmental groups also voiced opposition to the project at that time.

Mr Carr said: "We have paid particular attention to the neighbours of the Haven Hotel and their objections and I'm hoping the new drawings will appease most of the people who had meaningful objections.

"It is a simple as this, to do nothing is not a choice. If the shareholders of the FJB group were to do nothing then the Harbour Heights, the Sandbanks and the Haven Hotel would end up as two star venues.

"In particular the Haven Hotel has a structural life that is coming to an end.

"I am hoping the new drawings should appease most of the objectors."

BOP has confirmed they have officially received the revised plans.

"We are now processing these plans so that we can proceed with a public consultation in the next week or so," a borough spokesman explained.

"The plans will be available on our planning portal at the time we start the public consultation.

"Everyone who made representations on the previous plans will be able to comment on the revised plans."