REGARDING the Echo item (Wed June 6) on the matter of the fair pitching up on Branksome Rec.

It is "some" residents who live near the rec that are complaining, by no means all residents. Probably less then 50 complaining out of a local Branksome population of 3,000.

This vociferous group of local residents have long hijacked this rec for their own use as if it's their own back-garden.

And as for councillors, if they looked at local signs and posters they would see notices telling us the fair was coming for the last week.

My message to councillors is then get over it. It's a fun fair, to have fun. No doubt pitch fees will more than cover clearing up with a profit for the council.

Win-win, everyone happy except moaning local NIMBYS and two councillors we have not heard from since the closure of public toilets which they wholeheartedly supported, then changed their minds, by when it was too late.

On this track record it does not surprise me council officers have it seems left these councillors out of the loop. The fair is for everyone, not to be hijacked by a small minority.


Alder Road, Poole