STRIKING CCTV footage captured the moment a car crashed into a brick wall and completed a full 360 degree spin.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday, May 26, left a white Mercedes-Benz A-Class in a damaged state on Ashley Road, Parkstone.

In the footage the vehicle can be seen heading towards Branksome shortly before 3am.

It then mounts the pavement on the opposite side of the road before colliding with a brick wall.

The collision causes the vehicle to spin in the road, before it eventually comes to a stop facing the way it was originally travelling, but on the wrong side of the road.

Ashley Road residents left their homes to inspect the scene and saw the car in a stricken condition. There were reports the front right tyre had partially come off the wheel, while the rear passenger door on that side of the car was extremely damaged.

Bricks could be seen spread across both the pavement and road. Members of the public attempted to warn approaching vehicles until police arrived on the scene.

A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “All I heard was four bangs. I was in my bed and I had a dog with me.

“When we heard the noise he jumped into my arms and I almost jumped into his.

“We were just waiting for something else to happen because it sounded like someone had gone through the ground floor flat. It sounded like it had happened so close.

“I went down to take a look and there was bricks and all sorts spread over the road.

“We were stood in the road trying to stop traffic from coming straight through.

“It was a minor miracle that no one was hit by the debris.”

A 36-year-old Bournemouth man has been charged and he is due to appear at Poole Magistrates Court on June 15.

The man is due to face charges of driving a motor vehicle when alcohol level was over the limit, being the driver of a vehicle involved in a road accident failing to report that accident, being the driver of a vehicle that failed to stop after a road accident, aggravated vehicle taking and a second charge of being the driver of a vehicle involved in a road accident failing to report that accident.