AN "EYESORE" derelict business complex that has been plagued by anti-social behaviour is finally set to be demolished.

West Quay Marina, which was formerly occupied by City Bay Views Chinese restaurant, Twin Sails Wharf, the Marina club, and other businesses, has been awaiting development since planning permission was granted in July 2016.

West Quay Developments (Poole) will build 291 flats on the site, as well as retail units, car parking, and a quayside walkway.

However, since the units have been lying empty, youths have trashed the complex, smashing windows, throwing furniture from the top floor and daubing walls with graffiti.

Police were called to the site numerous times, and detectives were even investigating reports that victims of child sexual exploitation were using it as a base.

The situation became so bad that Poole council applied for a premises closure order at Poole Magistrates’ Court, which was in force between November 2017 and January this year.

The developer was also forced to put up boundary fencing after planning enforcement manager Andrew Dearing warned action would be taken if the site was left unsecure.

However, despite previous measures, the site continues to attract anti-social behaviour.

On Tuesday, firefighters were called after a small fire was reported in the ground floor of one of the buildings.

Although the exact date of demolition is unknown, Mark Russell of West Quay Developments (Poole) has informed Poole council of the company's intention to carry out the work.

Poole town councillor Andy Hadley has welcomed the demolition of the building.

“It’s a magnet for both the homeless and kids – anything short of demolition is not going to stop that.

“I welcome the fact they’re going to demolish it - it’s the responsible thing to do to flatten it until the site can be developed.

“I was chasing the matter with council officers recently. It’s really difficult for them as it’s private property and it’s not easy to make safe.

“The buildings are an eyesore, they’re pretty awful, especially considering they’re next to the Twin Sails Bridge.”