A NEW project launched as an offshoot of a public relations agency aims to forge better links between young people and business.

Digipigz, led by a ‘generation Z’ team, is a ‘sub-brand’ of Poole-based Liz Lean PR which aims to give businesses insight into the youth market.

The company says clients are increasingly interested in understanding the next generation of consumer. It says ‘generation Z’ – usually defined as those born between the mid-1990s and the middle of the last decade – often offer an instinctive understanding of the web and social media.

Young people who sign up to ‘the Litter’, a Digipigz database of young people, will have access to a like-minded community of contemporaries and a professional sounding board for advice.

Leila Willingham, who has spent two years developing the Digipigz concept, said: “I attended a digital marketing conference a couple of years ago where a lot of marketing professionals were discussing how to target the next generation. As a member of that cohort I could identify whether the techniques they were suggesting would be impactful or not.

“I felt frustrated that these businesses wouldn’t just simply ask young people for their input, considering this would give them a real insight into their target audience.

“It struck me that my peers have some pretty incredible skills which could be valuable to a business and the insight they could naturally provide on a whole scope of issues, would help them develop successful strategies.”

Liz Lean PR managing director Liz Lean said: “Hosting the Digipigz concept is a really exciting venture for the agency. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, adding a brand new offering to our service recognises the importance of evolution.

“The beauty is that the Digipigz concept comes with passion and youthful energy backed by the credibility we have as a seasoned agency. It’s been lovely to see it develop from an idea in the meeting room to a service which is benefitting our clients and the youth community.”

Leila Willingham was recently part of a line-up of speakers, all under 25, at the final Silicon Beached conference, organised from Bournemouth but held in London. She talked about the agency’s work with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to engage a youth audience.