JUST because he's partially-sighted doesn't mean that Blandford toddler Teddy Marston wants to miss out on the fun things of life.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Poole swim school Puddle Ducks, he's learning the sport with a year's free sessions.

Teddy, two, and his mum, Vicky attend the class as part of a charitable initiative designed to give children from all walks of life the opportunity to participate in activities that they might not have otherwise been able to.

He started swimming with Puddle Ducks at Avon House in Ferndown in November and has since grown to be an extremely confident swimmer, says the school.

Vicky said: “Swimming is such a fantastic skill to have and one that could potentially save your life. I've always believed that children who are able to swim should be taught from an early age but Teddy’s illness meant we couldn’t start his lessons as early as we wanted to."

Now, she says, he's caught up with others in his class and the weekly swimming lessons are now the highlight of his week.

“Teddy has gone from the boy who wouldn’t sit in a paddling pool last summer to the boy who HAS to jump in the pool,” she said.

Jane Bozic, owner of Puddle Ducks Dorset and West Hants, said: “Being able to give Teddy the opportunity to have swimming lessons as our sponsored child has been extremely rewarding. Teddy came to his first lesson very nervous of the water, but now, his nerves have gone and he is becoming a very confident little swimmer.”