VISITORS to Kingston Lacy this spring will enjoy a riot of colour as the estate's cherry blossom blooms.

Cold weather has delayed the arrival of the blossom. However, the trees in the cherry garden, quarry garden and Japanese tea garden are now in full bloom.

Head gardener Andrew Hunt said the cherry blossom represents new beginnings and the fragility of life in Japanese culture.

"Every year I look forward to the cherry blossom appearing as it means that spring has well and truly arrived," he said.

"Visitors at this time of year will see the pink blossom of the varieties ‘Pandora’ and 'shogestsu', as well as the creamy white 'ukon'.

"Perhaps the most impressive tree in the collection is the 'tai-haku', or 'great white cherry'.

"This is a vast tree and its white blossom is looking spectacular."

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