WATCHES worth £2,000 were stolen during a break-in at an antiques market near Ferndown.

The thieves forced their way into The Bridge House Antiques Market in Ringwood Road, Longham, at 8.20pm on Monday, April 9.

They then smashed a glass cabinet belonging to About Time Watches before making off with a “number of watches.”

Kerry Bailey, owner of the market, said: “They broke a bottom panel on the front door which immediately set off our alarm system. This alerted the hotel manager next door. The CCTV which was on the watch stall, which was targeted, was also set off and altered the owner of the watches.

“The police were on site very quickly as was myself and my partner.

“The whole event was caught on our CCTV system and they were in the building for just over one minute.”

"They knew what they were after and touched no other items."

Kerry said a driver was waiting in the car outside the front of the market while the incident took place.

She added: "It is a very busy road and Hotel and one of the hotel guests managed to take the make, model, colour and registration of the car they used."

Dorset Police said they were called at 8.42pm and officers attended the scene.

A spokesperson said: “A search of the area was carried out but the offender/offenders were not located.

“We are continuing to carry out a number of enquiries into this incident.

“No arrests have been made at this stage. “