A FRUSTRATED resident is distraught with the "unacceptable" work which has been done by Virgin Media in his Highcliffe neighbourhood - and he has written to the company's billionaire owner Sir Richard Branson to express his complaints.

The internet provider has recently completed cable work throughout the village to allow the community to access its ultrafast broadband services.

However, resident Simon Weinberg has spoken out against the work after the "eyesore" left behind by the patched tarmac pavements.

In his letter to Sir Richard, which was also sent to Cllr Vicki Hallam and Christchurch Borough Council, Mr Weinberg says what Virgin Media did has turned "neat and tidy streets" into a "patchwork quilt of badly repaired asphalt".

The resident goes on to describe the neighbourhood as now looking like a war zone and accuses the national firm of being content to leave an "environmental shambles" while searching for business from the community.

The letter adds that the re-laid surface is unacceptable and disgraceful and calls for the streets to be restored to their original condition.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Mr Weinberg said his feelings were mirrored across the neighbourhood.

"I'm very annoyed and don't see why our environment should be turned upside down," he said.

"I think it is appalling and unacceptable. This has been done for commercial gains. There is no reason why this should have to impact on the residents of this area.

"We're not happy about this at all and something needs to be done. They should have realised the impact this has had."

Previous issues around the village, including the damaging of grass verges and open areas, have seen strong responses from Dorset County Council and called for Virgin Media to resolve the issues.

Ray Burroughs, who has lived in his current house for 19 years, said: "It is not the same as the council coming and doing some work in the area.

"It has affected us without wishing to have it done. If it was the council doing it we could probably understand. You could easily say the whole of Highcliffe has been decimated by Virgin."

Fellow resident Derek Collier added: "The pavements look terrible all over the place. It is not just here and they have damaged the grass verges.

"It looks like they have put seeds down but with the weather we have had that is going to do very little."

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Virgin Media has just completed works in Highcliffe to bring its ultrafast broadband speeds to local residents and businesses.

"The condition of roads and pathways has been monitored throughout the build and we will now work closely with the council to ensure that any corrective works are completed and meet the required standards. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”