A JUICE bar which was conceived on Bondi Beach and brought to Poole is looking to expand to a second location.

Blue Orange Juice Bars was devised by Jacquie Greenhof and her husband, who identified a gap in the healthy eating market.

Jacquie had lived for 13 years at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, where juice bars line the streets.

She brought the concept to Ashley Cross, where she said healthy and nutritious food was harder to come by.

Now the business is set to expand to a second premises after Alex Chisnall of Virgin Startup in Bournemouth helped win a startup loan to fund the expansion.

Jacqui said: “The UK, for whatever reason, is massively behind the rest of the world when it comes to juices and smoothies, particularly in the USA and Australia, where this is a multi-billion dollar industry.

“In the UK, outside of major cities and some of the larger shopping centres, there are very few options for a fresh juice or smoothie. We are confident that this is about to change and similar to the coffee market 10 to 15 years ago, you will start to see juice bars popping up in communities and high streets. Blue Orange Juice Bars hopes to be an integral part of this in Dorset.”

The business aims to combine the sense of community and friendliness that Jacqui experienced at Bondi and combine them with locally sourced ingredients.

“We offer freshly made juices and smoothies made with best local fresh produce available, and with no added sugars, syrups or preservatives,” she said.

“We also offer wraps, salads, soups, breakfast and snack pots and toasts. We keep our grab and go fridge stocked, so that our customers can run and dash or you can watch us make them up for you in front of your eyes.”

The businesses has recently expanded its granola, wrap and bread options to ensure it has gluten-free options.

She added: “When we started this journey, we wanted to create a community hub in our local neighbourhood of Ashley Cross. We definitely want to expand the business and branch out to other local communities and already we are looking for our next shop. The other really important part of this for us is to get involved with the local community by supporting local charities and getting involved with our fellow businesses. We are talking to other like-minded local businesses to form partnerships, to enrich the offerings that customers receive.”