SATURDAY night at the Pavilion started with a great solo show from Lawrence Hill that proved him worthy of his slot and showed that he is much more than a talent show contestant.

With just an acoustic guitar and some loops he filled the auditorium with a soulful voice that will hopefully see him go on to bigger things.

Best known for her hits in the 80’s it would be easy to see tonight as a throwback show but it is much more than that.

Kim’s latest album Here Come The Aliens was given a good showing and proved that she can deliver a tune just as well as all those years ago.

Still looking good clad from head to toe in leather and studs the crowd appreciated every second of a great gig and the frequent interaction from the stage.

The majority of the band have been with Kim for many years and were as good as you will see on any stage this year.

The sound and light were excellent and as a photographer it was nice to be able to shoot a well lit singer for a change.

Of course all of the hits were played and proved the most popular moments of the night. Water On Glass, Cambodia, Another Step, If I Cant Have You, View From a Bridge, Chequered Love, You Came, You Keep Me Hanging On and of course Kids In America.

Having said that the rest of the set list was full of tunes just as good as any of the above and ensured that every second of the evening was full of sing-a-longs and joyful music.

I have seen three very different gigs in the last three days and must say this was the warmest of them all.

Everyone I spoke to had a great time with some travelling from Oxford and further afield to see the show and they all set off on the long drive home having had a great night and knowing it was worth every mile.

Tonight was just one of those nights when everything comes together, Kim, the band, the sound and lights, venue and audience just made for a perfect storm delivering my favourite musical moment of the year so far and come the end of the year could well be my gig of 2018.

If you missed this gig Kim will be playing in Salisbury in later this month so please don’t make the same mistake twice.