A POOLE Hospital healthcare worker who fell to his death from his sixth floor bedroom window had previously stated "I've always known I would kill myself."

Andrew Lee Thompson was found by a neighbour, early in the morning of August 23, last year, slumped on the ground outside Parkstone House in Poole, which houses a number of NHS workers.

Despite emergency medical care the 31-year-old, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, died hours later in hospital.

He had written 'would like to donate organs' on his arm, and 'DNR' (Do Not Resuscitate) on his hand.

Mr Thompson, who was taking medication for anxiety, had been in the process of being assessed by Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust's mental health team.

However, he had missed an outpatient appointment with mental health professionals just one week before his death.

On Friday, at an inquest into Mr Thompson's death, Dorset Healthcare medical director Dr Nick Kosky, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, gave evidence.

He told the Bournemouth hearing: "This was regarded as an incident where we were not as robust in following up as we should have been"

Dr Kosky also said - and after hearing all the evidence Assistant Dorset Coroner Brendon Allen agreed - that the way Mr Thompson's case was handled would not have contributed to the "final tragic outcome."

During the hearing evidence was also heard that Mr Thompson had lived with suicidal thoughts throughout his life, and had even expressed an intention to jump to his death from a tall building.

Recording a verdict, Mr Allen said: "I sure beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr Thompson was responsible for the act that ended his own life.

"In terms of his intention, I rely on what he had previously said to health professionals, and what he had written on his arm and on his hand. So I formerly record a conclusion of suicide."