ALL dogs must be muzzled to stop any further horror stories of attacks on children, says an ambulance service child protection chief.

Bill Clowery, the South Western Ambulance Service's safeguarding lead for child protection, has called for drastic action in the wake of the savage attack on toddler Kira Neal at the weekend.

The 22-month-old was left needing more than 50 stitches in her face after she was mauled by a terrier in the beer garden of a Winton pub.

"How far do we go before something is done?" said Mr Clowery.

"We have to stop it happening again.

"I personally think all dogs in public areas should be muzzled.

"If there is a risk of children getting hurt, we have to prevent it."

Dogs attacks on children have dominated headlines this year, none more so than the case of five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson who was killed by a pit bull terrier on Merseyside in January.

Mr Clowery said the South Western Ambulance Service dealt with several attacks each year in which children ended up with terrible injuries.

"Once the child has been bitten, they are likely to be scarred for life," he said.

"They won't forget about it.

"The safety of children is paramount and we have to protect them."

Dog lovers have insisted a properly trained animal would not lash out, and that any creature has the capacity to act unpredictably.

But Mr Clowery insists the introduction of muzzles would neutralise the threat of any erratic behaviour.

He said: "It's just common sense.

"A dog can't tell you if there's anything wrong with it.

"Maybe an attack is or isn't a child's fault, but if a dog is muzzled it takes away the risk.

"It wouldn't hurt the dog and we just have to stop anything happening again."

Toddler Kira was due to have further tests at Poole Hospital yesterday and is expected to be allowed home later this week.