It's a Valentine's Day record!

The British Heart Foundation have marked Valentine's Day by joining together 17,939 messages from supporters for a Guinness World Record attempt for longest chain of paper hearts.

Through its network of 720 charity shops and thousands of supporters, the British Heart Foundation asked people to write messages of love and support for their loved ones, people battling heart disease or in memory of those they’ve lost.

With the help of volunteers, the charity created a chain of 17,939 of these hearts, surpassing the previous Guinness World Records title holder for longest chain of paper hearts of 11,288 by Moët Hennessy UK.

The new record-holding chain measured almost one and a half miles long, the equivalent to 25 football pitches.

Residents from the South West contributed approximately 1,296 hearts to be included in the final chain.

Simon Gillespie, CEO of the British Heart Foundation, said: "Seven million people in the UK suffer from heart and circulatory disease which accounts for 1 in 4 of all deaths.

"The British Heart Foundation is committed to funding over half a billion pounds of new research before 2020 to help bring an end to this heartbreak.

"Bringing together so many tender yet powerful messages of love, support and hope through this Guinness World Records title attempt shows that we’re standing united against heart and circulatory disease."