A MAN kept his driving licence despite driving in an 'aggressive manner' in an altercation with two cyclists.

Michael Extance, aged 40, of Lulworth Road, Wool appeared at Weymouth Magistrates Court where he admitted driving without reasonable consideration to other users.

The court heard, on April 7, 2017, Extance was in an altercation with two cyclists in Dorchester town centre, resulting in the defendant driving at one of the cyclists causing them to lose control.

Prosecutor, Gareth Houston said at around 2.30pm, Extance was driving his Audi southbound on the B3147 towards the Top o' Town in Dorchester, turning slowly onto the B3150 High West Street.

He added at the time of the incident, "traffic was heavy and slow moving."

Mr Houston said Extance was approached by two cyclists, weaving in and out of the traffic with the first cycling on the wrong side of the central yellow bollard at the junction and the second undertaking Extance's Audi.

"It was at this point a verbal altercation between Mr Extance and the second cyclist took place," Mr Houston said.

The cyclist then moved in front of the car to block the Audi's path prompting Extance to move his car forward and 'nudge' the bike's back wheel.

Mr Houston said the cyclist "then kicks the front of Extance's vehicle then cycles away with Extance in pursuit."

The defendant then drove his car across the white line onto the wrong side of the road in front of the cyclist, forcing the cyclist to lose control.

Mr Houston said Extance then began driving towards the second cyclist.

Mr Houston said two witnesses who were nearby were shocked by the nature of the aggressive driving and reported it to the police.

The court was shown CCTV footage of the incident.

Addressing the court, Extance said he had initially told the cyclist to slow down.

He added he had been 'infuriated' when the cyclist kicked his car and had not intended to hit the cyclist but to get his name and details.

"I am extremely sorry for the incident in question. It was a very out of character thing for me to do," he said.

Mr Houston said unfortunately the cyclists were not tracked down but if they had been he would have considered them for offences.

Chairman of the bench, Mary Jennings said: "We take into account the provocation. This whole situation didn't fully rest on your shoulders."

She added however, the fact Extance had driven onto the wrong side of the road showed aggressive driving.

Extance was given five penalty points of his licence and ordered to pay £290 in fines and costs.