ANTI-SOCIAL Behaviour Orders have been imposed on the whole of Bournemouth town centre in a bid to deal with problems on Wednesday nights.

Police can force people to move on if they are acting in an anti-social manner and ban them from returning to the area for 48 hours.

A decision was taken to impose so-called Section Dispersal Orders after complaints from members of the public.

The town's universities have been informed of the decision and it has been circulated on social media.

Wednesday nights see the biggest student event of the week, held at a town centre nightclub.

But police have stressed information about the new orders has not only been sent to Bournemouth University and the Arts University Bournemouth but also to other sections of the community including the local authority and local businesses.

Bournemouth University's Neighbourhood Policing Team have notified students on Facebook, saying: "Due to recent anti-social incidents involving nightclub-goers in Bournemouth town centre, police have issued an order in place on Wednesday nights to deal with these individuals acting in an anti-social manner.

"Anyone found acting this way will be removed from the area and their details taken. We would like all persons using the town at night to enjoy their evening, and to respect others whilst doing so. Have fun, but stay safe."

Bournemouth Neighbourhood Inspector Jane Kiernan said: "Dorset Police is keen to support those who wish to enjoy a good night out in Bournemouth and all that its night-time economy has to offer.

"We have listened to concerns from members of the public surrounding anti-social behaviour by a small minority of individuals on Wednesday nights and as a result the Neighbourhood Inspector has authorised two Section Dispersal Orders covering Bournemouth town centre.

"This is intended to be a proactive and positive approach to deal with anti-social behaviour to ensure a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone."

Town centre councillor David Smith said: "I fully welcome the police using this order to disperse people to prevent anti-social behaviour.

"The council will continue to work together with the police to take the necessary measures to deal with such behaviour."