A PLUS-SIZE woman who was subjected to fat-shaming and ‘pull a pig’ pranks out clubbing in Bournemouth is having the last laugh – when she returns to town with her own ‘fat club.’

Fed up with being stared, laughed and jeered at or the centre of a joke on a night out, Miranda Cheesman started her own club event especially for larger people and their admirers.

Now the stand-up comedian and actress is bringing Club Indulge’s ‘plus size party’ to her hometown of Bournemouth. The ‘big weekender’ will take place at the Best Western Hotel Royale from November 3 until November 5 and features karaoke, pool parties, club nights and even a plus size clothes swap.

The 36-year-old said everyone is welcome to the ‘body positive, creep-free party where you can relax and enjoy yourself no matter what size you are’ – but any judgemental attitudes need to be left at the door.

Miranda said: “I think Bournemouth is the best place to bring a fresh much-needed change in attitude toward body types, that’s why I’m bringing the ‘fat club’ to town.

“I remember it for being a lively nightlife-loving town but I was always nervous about going into the clubs in the area as I was subject to fat-shaming and pull-a-pig games where men bet each other to pull the fattest ugliest person in the club.

“People always ask me if I’m glorifying obesity by giving people a space they can drink and dance in without any shame or judgement. And I say ‘hell yeah!’”

Miranda says from aged eight she recalls being pulled out of school lessons to see a dietician. In her teens she faced cruel taunts in clubs and size 32, she felt like she was at the centre of another cruel joke and her self-esteem began to take a battering.

However Miranda lost ten stone and turned her bitter experience into a business venture to empower others and launched the club in 2012.

“I always felt very self-conscious going out. It was never a great experience. There would be groups of lads ganging together to pull the fattest girl in the club but when you are that girl, it is horrible.

“The fat shaming is still going on today. On World Obesity Day so many people were writing cruel comments online saying fat people deserve to die we are a drain on the NHS.

"Fat shaming has basically been a constant but the one we mainly get is 'concern trolling' where complete strangers will say 'I'm just thinking about your health.'

"On dating sites men will message me and if I say 'thanks but no thanks' they are super quick to point out what a fat pig I am and that they wouldn't want to touch me, even though they messaged me.

“I wanted to create somewhere fat women can go to escape judgement for at least one night, to give them freedom to exist. If a guy asks if I want a drink, he means it, and doesn’t have a gaggle of mates laughing in the corner.

“It’s been a huge success.

“I believe everyone should be able to go out and have a laugh with their mates and feel good.

“I think everyone is beautiful no matter their size, sex, shape, race. You have a vessel that contains a wonderful soul inside. You have to love the vessel that carries you. Whatever you have going, glorify it, flaunt it, just enjoy it.”

For more information about the plus-size party go to club-indulge.co.uk/big-weekender