A BUSINESS inspired by the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” was bolstered by Bournemouth’s efforts to support its start-ups.

INDUSTRY4 was founded to harness the town’s strengths in the digital creative sector and employ them in the service of manufacturing.

Founders Julian Singh, 33, and David Graham, 31, had been interested in the phenomenon of the fourth industrial revolution. Also called Industry 4.0, the concept refers to new ways of allying software and automation with manufacturing.

INDUSTRY4 was picked to be part of the First Bourne business accelerator programme, run by Silicon South, the not-for-profit enterprise charged with accelerating the area’s digital economy. The business is now approaching its first birthday.

It was one of eight businesses from all over the UK which were selected from more than 90 applicants to receive funding from Creative England and undergo a three-month process of mentoring and coaching.

During their development, the businesses were based in ‘incubation’ space provided by Bournemouth council at Holdenhurst Road.

Mr Singh said: “The accelerator gave us the push we needed to start this in a full time capacity.

“We had been researching the changes in the electronics manufacturing market for a good two years prior, since we worked as colleagues at a manufacturing equipment supplier in South Dorset,” he added.

“The initial funding and support has made the transition smoother but what has been warming is how welcoming all parties have been in the industry we are targeting.

“We have been helped considerably by the fact that the industry is trying to disrupt itself using Industry 4.0 as a brand.”

The business’s main product is MultiPlug software, which allows manufacturing equipment to be remotely monitored and controlled using web-based interfaces.

Mr Graham said: “Having worked within both electronics manufacturing and digital creative agencies, it seemed logical to me that the industries should learn from one another as they are both based locally here in Dorset.

“Our product tries to do this by using web technologies on a platform that web developers will be used to.

“This will give the opportunity for businesses found within the manufacturing industry to outsource software development to digital agencies found within the conurbation.

“Our first year has been very productive and it’s been pleasing that we seem to be working in the right direction with our product.

“The office space provided by Bournemouth council has been very useful in focusing us over the year.

“We are now working closely with electronics manufacturers in Poole, Weymouth and Liverpool to mature the MultiPlug,” he added.

“Our only barrier, which we predicted, is that a lot of people believe we don’t manufacture in this country anymore, which is untrue.”