AS a member of Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook rode to the top of the charts in the '70s powered by his songwriting partnership with Chris Difford.

They were so successful that they were even compared to Lennon and McCartney.

But by 1997, Squeeze were out of the charts and their career, like the title of one of their best-loved hits, was up the junction.

Now they are on the road again following their new album The Knowledge. The first single from the album, Innocence In Paradise, will be released next Friday.

Talking ahead of their tour which includes a date in Bournemouth this month, Glenn believes it is

When you are young and you're writing music - you have a natural vigour for what you do - in a way it's easier when you first discover how to do it rather than later on - now you are more aware of making mistakes.

More diligent on writing and recording now than we ever where - I think it is our best record ever!

It is really great to feel that way - all the work that sent into it - tracking with the band - seven or eight people - it was all recorded live but it just sounds so polished because we've got such great musicians that we are able to do that live.

To assemble songs that will stand up - you can always tell when you re at gig and people are thinking - come on play something we know - you get to know that feeling!

It just wasn't happening on the last tour that we did which is why I'm looking forward to playing that.

It's great to still be writing music today - although the culture is so different now. Music doesn't occupy the same central space any more - so much more that can be done with your time now and I understand that.

I think we are out there on our own as far as being contemporary now in our output.

Play a compete mixture of stuff - it's about feeling the energy of the band and making sure they are happy and pushing forward.

Played in Bournemouth many times. In fact the first time was when we supported Blondie's very first show in the UK. We opened for her in 1977.

last time we played in Bmth - went for an extremely beautiful bike ride really explored and got to know the place in a way I hadn't before. One of our first managers came from Bmth so we used to visit a lot back in 1974-76.

So it will be nice to reacquaint myself with the place again.

Different people in the band Yoland Charles brought more musicality to he record, a six piece band - extremely energetic can be subtle or energetic and I feel privileged to be able to write music for a band that can do all those things.

Early did at Salisbury Arts Centre about 30 years ago and taking them for a walk around the grave yard. he laughs heartily. Yes I remember that. Yes we've had some ups and downs- that was during one of the quieter periods. It taught me a lot about how to communicate with the audience. When there is a small audience you can take you and them out of their comfort zone which takes you to a new place.

Make it more visually arresting.

Might surprise some people to know that some of the big influences for me on this new record are Kate Tempest and Stormzy.

My 14 year old son Liam sat me down and said you've got to listen to Stormzy - you're going to get it - I know you will.

I was so blown away with what he played me. I think the thing is at my age the penny takes a bit longer to drop.

Instantly went wow this is really amazing - the passion and intensity of what they do - I think we've done that on this record. I'm really proud not in a showbizzy way but it's the thing I'm most proud of.

I don't like being away from home. We don't do eight month tours or anything like that any more - just five or six weeks but I find it really hard being away from the boys - two of them are men - 27 and 25 and the other two are 14 and 11 so they have just started different schools. The eldest is at The Brit School where Adele and Amy Winehouse went - school for kids who want to be in the business whoa re highly motivated. Both my older boys are in a band and Liam has been writing songs since he was nine. Youngest plays the piano - naturally musical family which is so nice. Based in Cheltenham in London.

Try to be in the moment - comfortably and enjoy while I;m there but underpinning it all is my family and I'll always miss that.

I started out with nothing I've ended up with a bit more than that!

It's been an incredible life and I'm still enjoying it - I'm doing the thing that I've wanted to do ever since I was five years old.

Not many people can say that sadly.