INTERNATIONALLY renowned author Joyce Huggett has died at the age of 79.

Joyce was best known as the author of more than 40 books on a variety of themes ranging from relationships and sex to listening to God and other people, and she was also a speaker, broadcaster and counsellor.

"She sought to help people work through what it could mean to live life to the full and to follow Jesus in all aspects," said David Price, the vicar of St John's Church, Parkstone.

Born in Exeter, Joyce was the youngest of the three children of Fov and Win Duguid. While studying Theology and History at Southampton University, Joyce met aeronautical engineer David Huggett and they married in 1960.

David who was a lecturer in aerospace technology at City University, London, and was engaged for several years on research into vertical take-off flights including work at Southampton University, decided to leave this for service to the church.

He was ordained as a deacon at Salisbury Cathedral and then in 1967 he embarked upon a ministry as curate at Heatherlands St John's Church, Parkstone, accompanied by Joyce and their two children, Kevin and Christina who attended schools in Poole. By then Joyce not only held a degree in theology and history but was also an expert teacher of the deaf.

"Both are keenly interested in young people and it is their love of teaching they feel can be used to bring others into the faith," reported the Echo at the time.

Joyce and David later moved to Cambridge and Nottingham, where David was a church leader and Joyce began writing books.

Joyce's first book 'Two into One' published in 1981 was aimed at people on the threshold of marriage, drawing on biblical principles and Joyce's counselling experience. David soon recognised that the hundreds of people he knew through church were vastly outnumbered by the many thousands who 'knew' Joyce through her books.

"I first encountered Joyce in print over 30 years ago. Her books were a great help to me and to many people of my generation. It has been a privilege to know Joyce in her later life, all of us at church will miss her godly insight and her wonderful smile," said David.

In 1993 Joyce and David moved to Cyprus where they worked for a Christian mission agency and ran retreats for people living across the Middle East and beyond. They retired to England six years later and retired to Westbourne in 2004.

As Joyce struggled increasingly with dementia, they moved back to Parkstone in 2013 and Joyce spent the last three years of her life in residential care. Her funeral was held at St John's, Parkstone, on September 7. There will be a memorial service to celebrate Joyce's life, books and ministry. For details contact David Price at