BOURNEMOUTH council's toilet troubles have come under scrutiny with residents raising concerns about closures.

One, a disabled toilet in Tuckton Road by the roundabout, has allegedly been open only a handful of months since it was put in place around four years ago.

Belle Vue Road resident Valene Hiscock wrote to the Daily Echo saying: "These are as new as they have hardly been used.

"The excuses have been ridiculous, even telling me the lock has been ordered but has not come yet.

"Are they blaming the postal service for taking some years to deliver."

A spokesman for Bournemouth council said: "The toilets at Tuckton have been closed for a while now due to bad bouts of vandalism, they will remain closed."

On Facebook, Keith Evans contacted the Echo to complain about a different set of toilets.

"The public toilets on the West Cliff near the Savoy Hotel have been closed for weeks now with a tatty sign up saying the facilities are closed due to vandalism.

"When I made an enquiry to Councillor Jane Kelly she said that Bournemouth council couldn't afford to fix the vandalism or keep the public toilets open.

"Once again, where are the public supposed to go to relieve themselves?"

The West Cliff toilets are among three such facilities earmarked for permanent closure by the council.

A report to the borough's environment and transport scrutiny panel earlier this year said the West Cliff toilets were the subject of "high levels of antisocial behaviour", with their closure recommended.

The report says the council will "progress discussions with Parks and other stakeholders around potential for redevelopment into a café kiosk or ‘pop-up’ entertainment/street food stall venue".

Boscombe Cliff Gardens toilets are currently also closed due to vandalism, and are described as a "constant source of antisocial behaviour, graffiti and vandalism".

Likewise, the public toilets in Glen Fern Road are dubbed a "target for antisocial behaviour" and earmarked for "permanent disposal as a council asset".

Those at Southbourne Crossroads are to be closed out of season, between October and March. A further 15 toilets will remain open.

The report states: "The challenging financial climate is making it increasingly difficult to justify maintaining the ‘status quo’.

"A number of street services public convenience facilities are underused legitimately and are subject to have high levels of abuse and vandalism.

"The continuing impact of the challenging financial climate means there is little choice but to face some very difficult decisions about how the council delivers and funds this frontline service."