DORSET Police are aware of people in the county who have travelled to Syria and become radicalised, says Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill.

Mr Underhill made the comments following a terror attack at a pop concert in Manchester last night which left 22 people dead, including children.

Some 59 people were also injured when the blast caused by an improvised explosive device carried by the attacker detonated at the Manchester Arena.

Mr Underhill said: "I am shocked and horrified by the attack last night and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

"It was an attack on one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, children, and I am sure that lots of parents and grandparents have woken up in horror about it this morning."

Mr Underhill also called it an attack on democracy as it has taken place during the general election campaign.

All campaigning for the election has been suspended today, following the attack.

This is the second attack on British soil in recent months.

In March four pedestrians were killed and 50 others injured when an attacker mowed down members of the public with a car on Westminster Bridge.

He then crashed his hired Hyundai SUV into the railings in front of Parliament Yard before bursting through the gate to the Palace of Westminster with two large knives where he fatally stabbed unarmed Pc Keith Palmer.

There have been similar attacks in Paris, Stockholm and Berlin since December last year.

Mr Underhill said these type of lone-person attacks present a "worrying trend" and urged the public to remain vigilant.

"We know that it could happen here in Dorset and people shouldn't think that this county isn't just as vulnerable as anywhere else," he added.

"There are people here in Dorset who have gone to Syria and have been radicalised. We have to work together to make sure we are safe."

He also said Dorset Police were part of the South West Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit working to prevent terrorist activity.

"People need to report any intelligence they have to police as well as any changes of behaviour we may notice in friends or family.

"We must remain vigilant and report our fears."