I do really enjoy watching big production shows at large arenas but when I look back over the years more often than not it turns out that these gigs at more intimate venues that end up being the nights I remember most fondly. Happily for me Friday night at the Tivoli turned out to be one of those nights. It may have been cold and miserable outside but inside the Nine Below Zero were anything but.

Since coming to prominence in the 80's Mod scene these guys have developed into one of the best Blues bands around today. The eight musicians squeezed on to the stage produced a rich bluesy sound that was perfect for the crowd in the packed theatre. Dennis Greaves still leads the band and proves to be an excellent front man, engaging with the crowd and obviously enjoying himself as much as we were. A great band of individually talented musicians and singers added to the evening with highlights including Charlie Austin’s delivery of Don't You Play That Song For Me, Mark Felltham’s Harmonica playing and vocals on You're Still My Woman, stomping versions of Do We Roll and Why Don’t You try Me and of course 11 + 11.

It would be criminal not to mention the work of Micky Burkey on Drums, Ben Willis on Bass, Andrew Noble on Keys, Chris Rand on Sax and Paul Jordanous on Trumpet as they all played their part in providing a great night of Blues that will have more than satisfied long time fans and made a convert of everyone else who was lucky enough to be there.