WILD, energetic and memorable are just a few of the words I'd used to describe the show last night.

Kaiser Chiefs, fronted by the extraordinarily effervescent, Ricky Wilson, who is an ex-coach on The Voice, know how to put on a good gig and keep the audience's attention from start to finish.

At the very beginning, all the crowd could see was a curtain around a section of the centre stage. When the material dropped, the band were stood behind it ready to play under a hail of confetti, before the platform was pushed back into place, to form the main stage while the music continued.

It was a beautiful start to an evening which only got better as the group played hit after hit including Ruby, I Predict A Riot, Coming Home, Hole In My Soul, and Every Day I Love You Less and Less.

At one point Ricky jumped off the stage and into the area in front of the audience to play up to the cameras to everyone's amusement.

For another song, he ran through the crowd and stood on a platform in front of the sound and lighting desks, which proved a treat for people at the very back of the standing area. From there he walked through the centre of the crowd and hid away from the hordes, before springing back into the spotlight.

Towards the start of the show, Ricky told seated ticket holders to stand for a song if they wanted to, which added to the fun and slightly rebellious theme of the performance.

I can honestly say that I think Ricky enjoys singing live as much now as he has ever done and it made for one of the best gigs I have ever attended.

The lighting, sound, confetti and CO2 cannon effects all added something spectacular to a show which, judging by the average age of ticket-holders, was for those lucky people to still be young at heart and boy do they know how to show it.