A HOMELESS man has been threatened with eviction from his tent after he pitched it in an empty doorway in Poole.

The notice was put on the red tent, at the entrance of Burger King in the High Street, at some point on Wednesday.

The incident has sparked outrage with some residents who said more should be done to help the homeless rather than admonish them.

Beautician Angie Mulvey, 56, told the Daily Echo she saw the tent with her son, student Levi Bright.

She said she was “quite disgusted” by the eviction notice.

“I have spoken to the man in the tent,” she said. “He said he was really upset. He said he was told if he doesn’t move it they’re going to fine him £50 and cut up his tent.

“I know it’s not the best place to put up a tent but homeless people are homeless. They should be helped. There is a shortage of housing in Poole and we know this. I thought it was quite sad and quite ridiculous to put an eviction notice on a tent.”

Her son added: “It’s shameful. The amount of money that it could cost the taxpayer to punish that man could be used to find him shelter. It just seems people have stopped caring. It’s just shocking.”

A market stall holder named Richard said the man in the doorway is seldom alone.

“Since Burger King closed down there have been homeless people there,” he said. “Some people would say it’s not good for tourism. At the end of the day it’s not their fault they are in that position. But in general it doesn’t give a good impression of the town.

“The council have got to do something. If everyone set up tents in the High Street what would happen? At the same time we have got to set the standard.”

Passer-by Stan Patterson added: “I understand why the tent is here, everyone wants to stay warm. But homelessness downgrades Poole. I hear comments from tourists saying it’s not a nice place to come to. I don’t think the main High Street is a place for them to be.”

A Borough of Poole spokesman said: “We are working with the individual concerned to help them move into more permanent accommodation.”