A CHURCH choir conductor who sexually abused a young teenager has been jailed.

David Everett, of Hankinson Road in Bournemouth, was approaching middle age when he exploited his victim, then aged in his early teens.

The defendant was a member and conductor of the Priory Church Choir in Christchurch at the time of the abuse, which took place in the early 2000s.

At a sentencing hearing held at Bournemouth Crown Court, Judge Peter Crabtree OBE said the defendant was “trusted” by the victim’s parents.

“No doubt your offending has had an enduring and significant impact on [the victim],” Judge Crabtree told Everett.

“[He] kept quiet for years through embarrassment and shame.”

The abuse has had an impact on many aspects of the victim’s life, the judge said during the sentencing hearing.

Initially, his schooling was affected.

He eventually turned to drugs and alcohol as an “escape”, Judge Crabtree said.

“Only one person is responsible - that is you, Mr Everett,” the judge added.

The defendant, now 57, was sentenced to six years and eight months behind bars in late January.

He had pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent assault on a boy aged under 16 at an earlier hearing.

Judge Crabtree said Everett had not used violence or threats during the period of the offending.

He has also shown “remorse and understanding” of the impact the abuse had on the boy in the years since the assaults happened, it was said.

However, the judge said it is “undeniable” that the victim was exploited.

Detective Constable Adrian Stocker, of Dorset Police’s Child Abuse Investigation Team, called for any victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

“David Everett abused the position he held in the church to take advantage of his victim,” DC Stocker said.

“I would like to praise Everett’s victim for finding the courage to come forward and report the offences.

“We take incidents of non-recent sexual abuse extremely seriously.

“ I would urge anyone with any concerns to please contact Dorset Police.”