PARENTS who put lives at risk by parking illegally outside schools could be caught on camera thanks to a new Bournemouth council initiative.

CCTV cameras will be used to record vehicles stopping on zigzag lines.

Evidence collected by the cameras will then be used to issue penalty charge notices to offenders.

Three primary schools will be chosen to take part in a pilot scheme this autumn.

However, the initiative could be rolled out across the borough in the future.

Bournemouth council said it hopes to change the behaviour of those who drop off and pick up their children in restricted areas.

It is hoped that the scheme will help to protect pupils attending Bournemouth schools.

Councillor Mike Greene, cabinet member for transport, sustainability and carbon management, said: “The zig zag lines provided outside our schools are there to protect our children, making the road safer to cross.

“We request parents and carers work with us by leaving enough time to park further away from the school gates and walking the last part of their journey.”

The first schools to be included in the pilot scheme have not yet been chosen, a spokesperson from the council said.

“The council aim to work closely with residents, staff, parents and children this autumn with a view to implementing the scheme later in the year,” the spokesperson added.

“Currently officers are in the process of identifying a short list of potential schools from which the three will be chosen.”

Earlier this year, officers from neighbourhood policing teams and the Dorset Police road policing unit joined forces to tackle poor driver behaviour outside Malmesbury Park Primary School in Charminster.

A total of 17 fixed penalty tickets were issued in one morning.

Camera cars have patrolled outside a number of schools in the area.

However, it is hoped the fixed CCTV cameras will be more effective.

National statistics reveal 1,200 children every month are involved in collisions within 500 metres of school gates.

Numerous other councils use CCTV to deal with poor parking outside schools including Portsmouth and a number of London boroughs.