CAMPAIGNERS in Dorset say they are trying to reverse the decline in wildlife species after a report revealed a grim picture of nature in trouble.

The 2016 State of Nature report published today has revealed that half of the UK’s native species are in decline, with 15 per cent facing extinction.

The report was produced by a coalition of organisations including the Wildlife Trusts. It has first compiled in 2013 and has been updated with new information.

It says many common species like the song thrush, house sparrow, hedgehog and native bluebell are fewer in number, and wildlife-rich habitats have become increasingly scarce.

Locally, major projects led by Dorset Wildlife Trust have been tackling these problems head-on with large scale wildlife restoration projects designed to reverse this decline.

One such project is the Dorset Wild Rivers project, a major river restoration project which has improved 14km of chalk stream and rivers in Dorset. The trust has been working on it since 2010 with partners from the Dorset catchment partnerships.

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