BOURNEMOUTH'S latest escape room has opened at The Triangle and promises its visitors a "unique experience".

The Lockey opened just over a week ago and so far has proved popular with both locals and visitors to the town.

Escape rooms are a new craze which sees people trying to escape from a locked room - there are already a couple which are open in Bournemouth.

However this didn't put off Anastasia Pikalova and her husband Roman Loewen.

"The thing with escape rooms is that you can only really go to them once because then you know the answers," said Roman, 35, who moved to Bournemouth from Germany nearly three years ago.

"The fact that there are a few different escape rooms in the Bournemouth area is a good thing because it will keep people coming to the town so they can try them all out."

But according to Anastasia, who is originally from Ukraine, The Lockey offers something different to escape room enthusiasts.

"It's not just a set of clues that you have to work through, there is a whole story behind it," she said.

"This way people can get into character and really feel a part of the story and like they really only have one hour to escape from the room or else."

Currently The Lockey has one room for teams of two to five to try out which is called, Case Number 47.

In this scenario you enter the room as an MI6 agent from the 1960s.

Your friend and colleague Bob has been accused of being a 'rat' and selling out classified secrets to terrorists. When you arrive at work that day you discover you have been accused as well.

You have one hour to prove your innocence to your fellow agents, saving both yourself and Bob in the process.

A second room, which focuses on the character Hannibal Lecter, should be open in the next five weeks.

This room has been created by the couple's partner in the business Pascal Deroyant.

According to Roman, he and Pascal met while working at La Strada restaurant in Bournemouth - where they both still work while their new business gets off the ground.

Pascal said: "Roman told me about his plans to create an escape room and I just thought it sounded like a great idea.

"There's not a lot of indoor attractions in Bournemouth so I'm hoping this will prove very popular with both tourists and locals."

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