A LEADING artist will give out limited edition artwork at a major public art project to raise awareness of egg donation.

Stuart Semple, from Poole, said large-scale outdoor installations will pop up simultaneously in six cities across the UK on September 1 as part of his work 'Something Amazing'.

The project is commissioned by The Fertility Partnership to raise awareness of the need to recruit more egg donors to end the agonising wait for those desperately longing for a child. To reflect the selfless act, Stuart will hand over 1,000 signed artworks to member of public on the day, which he hopes they will then pass on to others.

The 35-year-old former Poole College student, whose works are owned by Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Debbie Harry and Noel Gallagher, said: “I’m really excited to be creating these new pieces and to be bringing them to streets throughout England and Scotland. It’s amazing to be able to lend my art to a cause as important as egg donation. I see art as a really generous thing and the idea that art can link so directly to life is wonderful.”

The mystery installations will pop up in Southampton, Oxford, Chelmsford, Glasgow, London and Nottingham in sites yet to be revealed.

It is hoped the project will encourage people to stop to promote discussion about infertility and encourage more women to give the gift of life.

Every year around 2000 children are born in the UK as a result of donated eggs, sperm or embryos but there is a shortage of onors and a woman can wait up to two years for an egg.

Stuart’s work, which ranged from £300 for limited edition prints to £300,000 for large paintings, is owned by some of the most important and high profile collectors worldwide.

Stuart, who grew up in Bournemouth and went to St Peter’s School, added: “Hopefully the project will be uplifting, bringing a little unexpected happiness to people’s mornings! But importantly, I’m also hoping of course that these temporary public sculptures, and the art pieces that we are giving away, will encourage some important discussions about egg donation and fertility.”

For information go to sharesomethingamazing.com