FILMING took place in Bournemouth on Thursday for a new road movie starring Dame Joan Collins.

Resident Paul Godier took a sneaky snap of the cast shooting on Boscombe Pier – Dame Joan’s co-star Pauline Collins can be spotted standing under an umbrella.

The ‘Thelma and Louise’ style drama, called The Time of Their Lives, sees former Hollywood siren Helen escape her London retirement home with the help of Priscilla (Pauline Collins), a repressed English housewife trapped in a bad marriage.

Together, and with limited resources, the two women travel to France for Helen’s ex-husband’s funeral.

While they’re on the road, however, they become entangled in a love triangle with a reclusive French millionaire played by the Italian actor Franco Nero.

Filming for the production started last week in France’s ÎIe de Ré, before the cast and crew headed back to the UK to shoot scenes in Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

They are expected to move onto various London locations this week.

Paul said her first noticed the filming action after seeing around 30 crew vehicles.

“There were hordes of people on the pier who were either extras or just ogling. The crew were holding people back while they were doing a take but, otherwise, there was no closure of the pier. They were just getting on with it.

“Pauline Collins looked familiar, and she was walking along the pier towards a cameraman who was walking backwards with a Steadicam.

“A man held an umbrella above her to keep the bright light off of her.

“I heard they only booked the pier for today,” he added.

Gillian Tully is the director of the Dorset Film Office, which supplied around 50 Dorset and Hampshire-based extras for the film.

Gillian, who was on set on Thursday, said it was a “great crew”.

“It was a really good crowd of people, and we were all quite starstruck meeting Joan and Pauline Collins.

“Everyone really enjoyed the day – it was long, but good fun.”

She added: “Filming mainly took place on Boscombe Pier, and it is unlikely “The Dorset Film Office was only set up this year, so any productions considering filming in the area are welcome to get in touch.”