WORK to clear up debris from April's East Cliff landslip will be completed by the time of the Air Festival, the council has said - but the lift won't reopen this summer.

The damaged cliff lift carriages were removed last month and East Overcliff Drive was reopened to traffic before the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

Bournemouth council says initial stabilisation of the slope and the removal of loose material from around the lift area is now nearing completion, but the lower toll house will have to be dismantled due to "major structural damage".

The borough plans to have the clean-up work completed by August's Air Festival, freeing up more space on the promenade while an assessment of the cliff is carried out.

Larry Austin, director of environment, said: “It is our intention to have the site scaled back on the promenade ahead of the Air Festival.

"We remain committed to the future of a cliff lift and all options are being pursued for reinstatement.

"We are clear, however, that it will be some time before these assessments are made and any necessary stabilisation work commences.

"The cliff lift will not reopen this summer.

“Our next step after the removal of the final debris is a thorough assessment of the site to consider the next course of action.”

Debris from the slip will be transported away from the area as it is too contaminated with rubble and vegetation to be placed on the beach.

The council says lift equipment will be salvaged from the toll house where possible.

A temporary walkway on the beach adjacent to the cliff lift will continue to provide pedestrian and cycle access until the promenade is back in use.