THE Study Break at Lighthouse brought a diverse line-up of bands to the Concert Hall stage, from acoustic duo to soulful Americana.

Artists such as Emmay, Ben and Maddie and New Desert Blues helped to make it a memorable evening.

The brainchild of a small group of teens aged 12-18 who have been working on the event since January, The Study Break was unique in that it was crafted by young programmers and technicians for a young audience.

From curating the line-up and decorating the mammoth Concert Hall to the innovative lighting and sound design, everything was carefully brought to life.

Even the compering was skilfully handled by sixth former Anna Churchill who brought a real sense of occasion.

Also of note were acoustic duo Ben and Maddie whose set of popular covers went down a treat.

They had followed Emmay, whose intriguing acoustic folk set was filled with the energy and musicianship that they are getting a name for.

Headliners New Desert Blues stole the show, playing one enchanting tune after another of velvety Americana. It made for an immersive and captivating treat for the ears.

Soon to play at Common People festival in Southampton this weekend, so check them out if at all possible.

Overall, The Study Break was a success, proving that the young programmers and technicians are capable, full of surprises and willing to think outside of the box.

Lucy Turner