STUDENTS paying more than £2,000 a term to live in a brand new university building are campaigning to get their money back after construction problems have resulted in areas of the building being blocked off and months of noisy construction work.

The Bournemouth University International College in Holdenhurst Road officially opened just six months ago and provides accommodation for nearly 400 students.

Marketed as a state-of-the-art brand new building hundreds of students thought it would be a great place to live during their first year at university.

Unfortunately for first-year politics student Thomas Dence, the experience has become more of a “nightmare” after a number of bronze panels fell off the side of the building in January.

Following an investigation it was discovered that the wrong screws were used to secure some of the panels and extensive work to fix the fault was undertaken by the construction company Watkin Jones and the subcontractor, The MIB Group.

Following four months of continuous construction noise and upheaval Thomas, 18, has launched an online petition for compensation from Kaplan International College, which manages the building

“The recent works has had a huge impact on our education, social and private lives,” said Thomas.

“Many of us have felt disturbed, violated and inconvenienced in our own homes.

“The big issue for most of us in the building is the noise especially now we are getting into the exam period.

“When we are paying more than £2,000 a term to live here I think we should be able to revise without being disturbed.

“It has now meant that we have to pay to get the bus to the campus so we can study in the library - which is packed because it’s exam time.”

According to Thomas a lot of the areas in the building are inaccessible including the outside courtyard.

“At first we understood that the building work was essential but we were told it would only last eight weeks and it’s still going,” he added.

“Considering how much money we have paid to live here I feel like we deserve to have some of it back because it has been a nightmare.”

Since the petition was launched last week it has received 218 signatures.

A spokesman from Bournemouth University said it was working with Kaplan to ensure a dialogue is open with students.

“The building work was unforeseen and it’s not what we would have wanted for our students,” he added.

“The work will be completed by the new school year in September.”

A Kaplan spokesman said: “The remedial work is absolutely necessary, but we know the noise is causing some disruption to those using the building.

“We understand and share the residents’ frustration at this disruption and are working our hardest together with Watkin Jones on their behalf to resolve their concerns.”